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A Prayer of Thanks and Compassion

Dear Friends, As I sat here at my desk thinking of what "thought" I would pass along to you today, I looked down at a piece of paper sitting on top of the biggest pile of 'waiting to be filed away' papers. "That's it," I said to myself, "I will send that out." Although I must tell you up front that it didn't come from a book. It's a very short "thought," but one that requires a little explanation. There was a gentleman in my congregation who left to be with Christ a couple years back. If there was ever an example of a devout Christian gentleman, it was him. And by that I mean a truly gentle man. A man who said to me just one year before he died at 96 years old: "I pray and do my devotions every day." It was true -- a habit he had started 80 or so years back when he was in his mid-teens. And after a pause -- choking up as he said it -- he added, "I love the Lord with all my heart and so

A Christmas Prayer

Dear Friends, My prayer for all of you as you celebrate Christmas. Grace through Christ and Peace to All Who Look in Faith to Him, Pastor Jeff

Thoughts From Amy Maczuzak

Dear Friends, Greetings to you as we begin our 3rd week of Advent! It's obviously much different than years past, but the anchor of our hope and joy is always Jesus Himself, and not all the cultural trappings we have added to the day that celebrates His birth (the Jesus who remains in control, regardless of how things appear to us). His words, given to his disciples at His ascension, are the bedrock of our trust. "All authority in heaven and earth has been given unto me, therefore..." (Matthew 28:18).  Jesus' words help us to realize what I have told my flock often in light of them: "As believers, nothing can come our way that does not first pass through the filter of God's love for us as His people." Nothing. And that doesn't mean nothing "bad" will happen to us, but it does mean that it can't come our way unless our sovereign Lord Christ, who has ALL authority in heaven and earth, permits it to pass through

Thoughts From Peace Ike

Dear Friends, Today's "thought" comes to you from a lady named Peace Ike, a physical therapist, musician, community organizer, worship leader, friend and supporter of the CCO (the Coalition for Christian Outreach -- on college campuses). She wrote this entry for this year's CCO Advent Devotionals. They have all been good, but I chose this one because... just because! I trust you might be encouraged by it as we head into the Christmas season. Enjoy. A Word for the Planners "The other day, I had a long conversation with an old friend of mine whom I hadn’t talked to in years. I wanted to see how she was holding up with all of the “ups and downs”— or more accurately, just the “downs”— of 2020. This friend and I used to serve in ministry together at a local church, but we’ve since parted ways as God has called us in different directions. After exchanging niceties, I asked her how she was really doing. “Horrible,” she said. S

Thoughts From James Emery White

Dear Friends, I don't often ask for feedback in a post, but on this particular occasion I would like to do so! Not a long or detailed response, but just one idea. I'd like to ask you (if you have the time) to send me just one idea that might come into your mind as you read this week's thought. Or, more specifically, in keeping with today's post by Dr. James Emery White - a subversive idea. A revolutionary idea. A way we can "take Christmas back." A thought (or if you would like, a couple thoughts) which you might come up with on how to make Christmas more focused on, and in keeping with, Jesus. Thoughts you have on how to make Advent and The 12 days of Christmas (which run from Christmas Day to Tuesday, Jan 5th) more honoring to Him, and in line with what He would want from His people as we look to celebrate the holiday that bears His name. If you have the time, I'd love to hear your ideas. Enjoy. The Advent Conspiracy "Chri