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Thoughts From A.W. Pink and Erwin Lutzer

Greetings Friends, Given all the events of the last year, the conflict in relation to the election, and much of the turmoil that has so many people concerned, worried, or even afraid, I did want to take the opportunity to send out a “thought” which is taken from two authors I referenced in my recent sermon on “God’s Absolute Sovereignty Over All – Including Satan,” which was from John 13:1-30, and brought in elements of Luke 22:22 and Luke 22:31 as well. If you have no interest in this topic, these two excerpts will seem too long. If you do have an interest in this subject, you will wish I quoted more! The first author is A.W. Pink from his classic work, “The Sovereignty of God” (written in 1928). And the second is taken from Erwin Lutzer’s book, “God’s Devil – The Incredible Story of How Satan’s Rebellion Serves God’s Purposes.” (Lutzer was the pastor of Moody Church in Chicago from 1980-2016.) I encourage you to consider their words, let them (if needed) alter your understandin

Thoughts From Pastor Jeff

Dear Friends, Today I decided to do something I rarely do - send you a "thought" that is from myself, as opposed to another author. It speaks for itself. I woke this morning much earlier than I normally do because God laid the following "thought" on my heart. It's one of those times where I felt compelled in my spirit to speak into the present situation in America and would have felt as if I was in direct disobedience to God if I didn't. It's intended to encourage and remind, not rebuke. Because sometimes we get distracted, and need to be called back to the basics of our faith. Enjoy. "As I woke up this morning I couldn’t help but think of all the stuff that’s going on in our country. And like many of you, I was asking: What should I do? What should I say? How should I respond? How should the church in general respond? What would the “Christian” response be? And I ask that as a pastor who has been struck by the overall absence (among believers