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Thoughts From Jack Hayford

Dear Friends. I trust you enjoyed your Christmas observance yesterday! I do so enjoy the Christmas holiday and the annual opportunity it provides for worship, contemplation, and joyous (though busy) family gatherings! Today’s “thought” does not directly relate to Christmas, although as C. S. Lewis pointed out, everything spoken of in the Gospel’s hinges on the “great miracle” of His birth: The birth of Emmanuel, God come to be with us and secure our salvation for us. This thought comes to you from Jack Hayford, and is taken from his devotional, “Glorious Morning!” Though written for the Lenten season, it really covers many New Testament themes, this one dealing with: “Your First Day of Forever.” Enjoy. “Whoever hears my words, and believes him who sent me, has eternal life… he has crossed over from death to life.” John 5:24 "My father died in 1985, and some would say that was his first day of forever. But it isn’t so. Yes, on that day in August

Thoughts on the Christmas Truce from Kathryn Slattery

Dear Friends, Christmas greetings! I want to start by saying how thankful I am that you continue to allow me to pass along these weekly thoughts into your inbox! One of my passions is to share things I have found in my reading that have been helpful, uplifting, challenging, or beneficial in my spiritual walk, hoping it will help you as well. And with this selection I also pray that in your Christmas observance this weekend you might sense His living presence and be nourished in your soul by hearing the glad tidings all over again! My ‘thought’ for you today is a glimpse into what we would wish were more common. An event I call a beautiful exception! A time where something happens that is so out of the ordinary that people pause and ask – is it really true, or made up? One such occurrence took place in WWI. It’s the well-documented story that has inspired millions because contrary to human nature – it actually happened! It’s the famous “Christmas Truce” that took place on Chris

Thoughts From John Durant

Dear Friends, What knowledge do we most need to possess or internalize as a believer? What knowledge would have the most transformative and life-changing effect upon us? Many of you, like myself, could list certain truths that have helped form and mold who you are. If you had asked me at various times in my life, I would have said God’s grace, God’s attributes, the all-important truth of justification, a well-rounded knowledge of His Word, the delight of His presence, or numerous others. In the process of growing we come across many gold nuggets buried in the soil of the Scriptures which enthrall and captivate our hearts in the particular seasons of our walk with Jesus. It may vary at times, but the older I get the more I would have to agree with the author of my selection for today, John Durant. There is no knowledge more important than the one he speaks of today. And he came to see this even though passed away at 40, living his relatively short life from 1620-1660. A Puritan

Thoughts From Alex Cravens

Dear Friends, In watching news channels, it is hard not to notice (and I don’t care which station, as they all tend to do it to one extent or another) that they all like to play on our “fears.” And with good reason. Fear is a very powerful motivator. Often, far more of a motivator than love, or compassion, or seeking to be peacemakers. Fear gets people’s attention. It stirs up powerful emotions. It gets more viewers and brings in more revenue to the stations. As one friend of mine says, “if you want to know why, just follow the money trail.” After all, the tamer and less emotionally-hyped type of news delivery just doesn’t have the same power to attract viewers or bring in the money. In fact, about 4-5 days into my vacation last year, when I was finally starting to de-stress, relax, and unwind, I mistakenly turned on the news at our hotel. Yet, after a half hour of watching, I shut it off, shook my head, and said to Nancy (my wife for those who may not know!): “Well, they jus