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Thoughts On Easter

Dear Friends, Although last week was Holy Week, or Easter Week, I did not send out a "thought" having to do with Easter last Tuesday. Nor did it have any relation to Maundy Thursday or Good Friday! Yet, this week, I will go against the grain of our culture (and the church calendar) and offer you some very insightful thoughts on Easter and Jesus' resurrection. It's a risk, I know, because we live in a culture that tends to "move on to the next thing" almost before the previous celebration has ended!   Instead of celebrating "The 12 days of Christmas" (which run from December 25 to January 6, the traditional day for celebrating the arrival of the wise men with their gifts) we pack the camels and wise men into our celebration of Christmas and tend to shift our attention to the soon coming celebration of New Year's. For some people this shift happens shortly after the presents have been opened and the family meal is finishe