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Thoughts for Ordinary People from Margaret Manning Shull

Dear Friends, In a society that tends to focus on the super-achievers who stand out from all the rest, or excel far more than most (sometimes including those who mess up big-time in a news-worthy type way!), I chose for today to pass along a message of hope for the ordinary person! A message for those of us who will never have thousands of "followers," or be pursued by the paparazzi, or sell pictures of our infants to the media for millions of dollars, or sign a contract for a half-billion-dollars, or find our life-story chronicled in a book, or see our name recognized by most people inside and outside our own country (like some sports stars). Abraham Lincoln once said, "God must love ordinary people, because He made so many of them!" So, if you happen to fall into that category, "This one's for you." It's by Margaret Manning Shull (a name you may not recognize!) who writes for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. If y

Thoughts From Thomas Manton

Dear Friends, Today's selections have to do with prayer. They cover four aspects of prayer that are so necessary for us to remember if we are to make prayer a priority, a joy, and an ongoing transformational discipline. They come from Thomas Manton, in his book from 1684 entitled: "A Practical Exposition of the Lord's Prayer." I have taken the liberty to update and paraphrase the language while seeking to remain true to the original meaning. Please consider each and how they could encourage and enhance the development of a more prayerful spirit in your life. Enjoy. The All-seeing and all-knowing God "God sees you when you pray in secret. He observes your conduct, your posture, the frame of your spirit, your fervor, and the uprightness of heart which you manifest in prayer. It is all known to Him. The hypocrite fears that God knows all such things, as does the wicked man, but it is the true believers' support and ground o

Thoughts from E. Randolph Richards and Brandon J. O'Brien

Dear Friends, Today's "thought" is a tease. Some might say it's an "advertisement" given to you with the hope that you'll pick up a copy of the book I will quote from and read it -- which is true! (And lest some mistakenly think otherwise, I do need to point out I have NO financial interests in such an endorsement at all. I have never made one penny -- ever -- for endorsing or encouraging the purchase of any book.) If I encourage you to purchase or read a book, it is simply because I believe that its content could help you grow or mature in wisdom and knowledge - period. And this just happens to be one of those books. The title is "Misreading Scripture With Western Eyes" by E. Randolph Richards and Brandon J. O'Brien. It puts into a good, concise, easy-to-follow structure the whole issue of culturally-captive interpretations of the Bible. As one who has visited 26 different countries and lived overseas for 13 yea

Thoughts on Independence and Self Esteem

Dear Friends, Today I wanted to post a couple "thoughts" for you to ponder. Some may disagree with the content of one or both -- that is inevitable when what is said is different that we often assume. But I felt they were worth putting out there. All I ask is that you consider them. Think about them. Ponder them. And how there may be an element of truth in them. In fact, if there is an element of truth in them, how will you adjust your thinking and perspective and habits to align with that truth? Enjoy. The first thought (used with permission) was sent to me by a man who realized that his "fiercely independent spirit" had done irreparable damage to his relationship with his wife and was hurting his relationship with God. Preaching to himself (as I call it) he wrote to a friend: "Even in my marriage I was too independent. I spent much "alone time" with God. No!!! Wrong!! It is always a