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Thoughts From D.L. Moody

Dear Friends, Today's "thoughts" come to you from the well-known evangelist of the last half of the 1800's -- D. L. Moody or Dwight L. Moody. Most know (I believe) that "Moody Bible Institute" in Chicago was started by him (in 1886). He was also instrumental in starting the YMCA -- Young Men's Christian Association -- which now goes simply by "The Y" and has distanced itself from it's solid evangelical beginnings. A man full of life and enthusiasm, I offer you 15 statements from his sermons or books, covering a number of different topics that allow you to peer into his heart. And though spoken between 1860 and 1899 (when he passed away), I do find it interesting how many are still quite relevant today. I offer them to you as a sample of his wit and wisdom. Enjoy. “Before we pray that God would fill us, I believe we ought to pray for Him to empty us.” “So few grow, because so few stud
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Thoughts From Brock Kidd

Dear Friends, Most of us can surely relate to the scene described below. For we've all seen, or been the unexpected recipient of the impatient haste, aggravation, and even anger (road rage?) of drivers in a rush to get somewhere faster than us. On one occasion, though going the speed limit (actually, to be honest, a little bit over it), I looked in my rear view mirror to see a man (less than a car length behind me) angrily giving me a hand gesture! Seconds later he passed me by (double yellow line line and all) and made sure I saw the gesture as he passed. Thankfully I couldn't hear what he was saying! Who knows? Maybe it was an emergency and he needed to get somewhere quick - like the hospital. Yet even if he did, how could I know that? Well, today's selection shares a somewhat similar story - with a little twist at the end. One that made me think, and will hopefully do the same for you. It's by Brock Kidd and comes from the 2018 Daily Guideposts.

Thoughts From Regina Brett

Dear Friends, I'm in no way a relationship guru, as anyone who knows me knows very well! Never have been, never will be! In fact, I tend to have an aversion to such books. Yet, after picking up a copy of a book entitled -- "God Never Blinks" by Regina Brett (at a bargain basement), I found this selection on 'relationships' very intriguing. That was especially true after I read this part of her introduction: "It took me 40 years to find and hold on to happiness. I always felt that the moment I was born, God must have blinked. He missed the occasion and never knew I had arrived... I ended up confused by the nuns at age 6, a lost soul who drank too much at 16, an unwed mother at 21, a college graduate at 30, a single mother for 18 years, and finally, a wife at 40, married to a man who treated me like a queen. Then I got cancer at 41. It took a year to fight it, then a year to recover from the fight. When I turned 45, I lay in bed reflecting on all li

Thoughts From Joachim Jeremias

Dear Friends, Today's "thought" is superb, insightful, scriptural, and helpful. It accurately shows THE major difference between the gracious message of Jesus (in light of society's moral corruption) and the teaching of more self-righteous groups (in light of society's moral corruption). There are few who have said it so well in so few words. But it will require you to put on your thinking caps. It will require you to follow the contrast he must use to point out the many differences between the Essenes (a holiness movement that separated from the world to go off and live in the Judean wilderness) and the Followers of Jesus (who were encouraged not to go off into the wilderness, or be of the world, yet at the same time remain in the midst of it - John 17:14-16). It comes to you from a man named Joachim Jeremias, and is found in his book, "New Testament Theology" - though it could more accurately be called, "The Theology of Jesus.&q

Thoughts From Dan G. McCartney

Dear Friends, This week's 'thought' comes to you from a book entitled: "Why Does it Have to Hurt?" by Dan G. McCartney. It's a book that deals with the suffering that earnest,believing, godly Christians often endure. So, if that describes your condition at this time (or the condition of someone you know) I offer his wise words to encourage your soul! Enjoy. "The Second Lesson of Job: Honesty is the Best Policy." "In the New Testament, James refers to Job as a great example of patience and perseverance (James 5:10-11). [Yet] Job does not look to us like a great example of either patience or piety. He complains bitterly chapter after chapter. He moves from simple complaint and confusion in the earlier chapters to outright accusation of God in the later. This ought to show us that the proper response to suffering is not "grinning and bearing it" or uttering pious platitudes. Job&#

Thoughts From Gordon MacDonald

Dear Friends, Today’s “thought” was written to pastors and for pastors by Gordon MacDonald. Yet, what he says can apply to all believers who are in any way involved in serving or doing ministry. These are things we can all tend to do, or may have done – sometimes without even being aware we were doing them. Things which can gradually sap us of our spiritual passion and vitality. Siphons are those things that suck the life out of us over time. And the reason it takes time is because most siphons begin so small we barely notice we’re even doing them! They often start like a small leak from the outlet faucet at the bottom of a water tank that wasn’t closed tightly enough. The loss of water is so small – and seemingly insignificant – that we see no immediate need to remedy it. Other times we may even see our life-sapping siphons as virtues we don’t need to remedy. One example would be the workaholic, who thinks that working incessantly without any regular Sabbath rest is a

Thoughts on God's Sovereignty

Greetings Friends, Given all the events of the last year, the conflict in relation to the election, and much of the turmoil that has so many people concerned, worried, or even afraid, I did want to take the opportunity to send out a “thought” which is taken from two authors I referenced in my recent sermon on “God’s Absolute Sovereignty Over All – Including Satan,” which was from John 13:1-30, and brought in elements of Luke 22:22 and Luke 22:31 as well. If you have no interest in this topic, these two excerpts will seem too long. If you do have an interest in this subject, you will wish I quoted more!   The first author is A.W. Pink from his classic work, “The Sovereignty of God” (written in 1928). And the second is taken from Erwin Lutzer’s book, “God’s Devil – The Incredible Story of How Satan’s Rebellion Serves God’s Purposes.” (Lutzer was the pastor of Moody Church in Chicago from 1980-2016.) I encourage you to consider their words, let them (if needed) alter your