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Can A Christian Lose Salvation?

Dear Friends, Today I thought I would give you a break from anything related to politics, and instead address a question I have been asked frequently, especially by new believers. It has to do with mistakes, failures, sin and where that leaves us with God. This particular answer I pulled from an organization I have found very trustworthy: If you have ever struggled with the concept of security in Christ I believe you will find it informative and helpful. Enjoy. Can a Christian Lose Salvation? Answer: First, the term Christian must be defined. A “Christian” is not a person who has said a prayer or walked down an aisle or been raised in a Christian family. While each of these things can be a part of the Christian experience, they are not what makes a Christian. A Christian is a person who has fully trusted in Jesus Christ as the only Savior and therefore possesses the Holy Spirit ( John 3:16 ; Acts 16:31 ; Ephes
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Thoughts From Todd Nettleton

Dear Friends, Our church is used as a local polling facility. As I write this the line of cars waiting to turn into our church parking lot extends down the street and the line of voters waiting to get in the building is over 100 yards long (as it has been since 7:00 this morning)! I've never seen such a turnout at any election since arriving here in 2005. Thankfully the weather is pleasant, people are taking advantage of the privilege to vote, and all has been very calm and civil -- as I pray it remains both here and throughout voting America. The results (as always) are in the hands of our Sovereign Lord, who as the all-knowing God is not waiting (like all of us) to see who the "winners" will be! The God whose eternal and redemptive purposes (contrary to what some fear-mongers on both sides are saying) cannot be thwarted, regardless of which party happens to hold office for the next four years. And in keeping with my policy to preach Chri

Thoughts From Bryan Chapell

Greetings All, Have you ever wondered if, or why, God accepts what you offer to him? Have you ever taken the time to consider what would cause a holy God to accept that which comes from a sinner (stained as any “works” would have to be, due to the impurities of intent and motive that are found in all of us, and therefore taint all that we think, say, and do)? This week’s “thought” answers that question with one of the best illustrations I have heard. It comes to you from Bryan Chapell, and is found in his superb book, “Holiness by Grace.” Not, “Holiness by Great Effort,” or “Holiness by Withdrawing from the World,” or “Holiness Measured by What we Don’t Do,” but Holiness by Grace. The illustration that follows speaks for itself! Enjoy. “Even marvelous obedience does not contain sufficient goodness to merit God’s acceptance. This understanding matures our repentance as we realize that, if even our best works fall short of God’s holy requirements, then our faults are all

Thoughts From Charles Spurgeon

Dear Friends, I do not know about you, but this past week I found myself feeling tired and lacking focus. So many things going on. Many opinions to sift through, events to consider, conflicts that need to be resolved, interpersonal issues to address... It has the potential to be distracting and draining. And if you happen to have felt that as well, I urge you to read the following thought by Charles Spurgeon as he considers Jesus' words, "Come unto me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28). So enticing, is it not? Rest. Spiritual rest. Inner rest. Rest of soul that leads to the ability to attain physical rest and refreshment. It's a promise. A promise from the Savior. A promise we need to remember every so often when things pile up and make it hard for us to rest. A promise for every weary person that will come to Him... That's why I thought I would offer you wise words from Spurgeon this week, giving

Thoughts On Unity

Dear Friends, With the heavily publicized "Presidential Debate" being aired tonight, and the election looming large in the American psyche, I thought I would offer some wise counsel from church leaders (past and present) whose opinions and advice I respect and find very discerning - especially with an eye toward maintaining unity in the Body of Christ. For in the long run (and I know this will sound shocking to some) the unity of the Body of Christ on earth is far more important than who gets elected in five weeks. After all, few remember the arguments that raged between Governor Grover Cleveland the Democrat from New York, and Governor James Blaine the Republican from Maine, leading up to the 1884 election - though at that time they seemed so all-important to so many. Satan's strategy is to distract, divide, and conquer, for as Jesus noted - every kingdom (nation-state), city, or household that is divided against itself, will not stand (Matt. 12:25). And althoug

More Thoughts From John Owen

Dear Friends, This week's "thought" is from the same gentleman as I quoted last week - John Owen. Yet this week, from beginning to end, he is speaking about the Love of God; and primarily the love of God the Father. When I read this material a few weeks back, I was moved by what he had to say -- and as a result I wanted to share it with you in the hopes it would touch your hearts as well. And I should point out that because Owen was writing these things (like the thoughts from last week) in the 1630's (shortly after the Pilgrims landed here in the States!) I have taken the liberty to update the language while hopefully holding as close as possible to his original intent. (It has given me an appreciation for what Bible translators go through!) I happened to find it extremely insightful and edifying, and hope you do as well. Enjoy. "The Father loves us and chose us before the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:3-4). From His love, H

Thoughts From John Owen

Dear Friends, Today I wanted to offer you some wise and insightful 'thoughts' from my favorite theologian - John Owen. His words speak for themselves and testify to his immense understanding of the gospel, theology, sin, and human nature. One cannot help but benefit from his keen insights. Therefore, I offer them to you for your spiritual assistance and enrichment. Ponder them long and hard and you will surely see the truth of each one. Enjoy. “The greatest sorrow and burden you can lay on the Father; the greatest unkindness you can do to Him, is not to believe that He loves you.” "The duties God requires of us are not in proportion to the strength we possess in ourselves. Rather, they are proportional to the resources available to us in Christ. We do not have the ability in ourselves to accomplish the least of God's tasks. This is the law of grace. When we recognize it is impossible for us to perform a duty in our own strengt