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Thoughts From Abraham Lincoln

Dear Friends, As Thanksgiving Day is just three days away, I thought I would take the time to send out a "thought" that was not written for Thanksgiving, but brings Thanksgiving to mind for me each time I read it (and I do read it often since I have it hanging on the wall of my office)! I do know that for many the festive nature of Thanksgiving will be dampened a bit this year due to the continuing rise in Covid cases and the attending precautions advised. Yet, as I know most are aware, the lack of the normal ways of celebrating the day cannot in the least prevent the human heart from offering gratitude to God. Paul and Silas sang hymns to God in a jail cell after being severely flogged (Acts 16:25). Likewise from his prison cell Paul would later write, "I thank God every time I remember you" (Phil. 1:3). And as the same epistle drew to a close, he wrote: "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, with prayer and thanksgiving,

Thoughts From Ravi Zacharias

Dear Friends, Today's "thought" (expressed through a story) comes from a man I regard (or in light of his passing earlier this year after a battle with cancer, regarded) very highly - Ravi Zacharias. He was a wise, thoughtful, and godly defender of the Christian faith, who treated all with respect - even those he thoroughly disagreed with and earnestly debated. Having watched many of his lectures and debates, I can honestly say I never heard a harsh word come out of his mouth. I never heard him put down or make fun of an "opponent." To me, he embodied what it meant to "speak the truth in love." I saw Jesus in Ravi. Today's selection is taken from his book "Can Man Live Without God" (lectures presented at Harvard University), where he speaks about living life by considering death and what (better yet Who) lies beyond. Enjoy. "A short while ago I happened to be speaking in a church where a member of the pastoral

Can A Christian Lose Salvation?

Dear Friends, Today I thought I would give you a break from anything related to politics, and instead address a question I have been asked frequently, especially by new believers. It has to do with mistakes, failures, sin and where that leaves us with God. This particular answer I pulled from an organization I have found very trustworthy: If you have ever struggled with the concept of security in Christ I believe you will find it informative and helpful. Enjoy. Can a Christian Lose Salvation? Answer: First, the term Christian must be defined. A “Christian” is not a person who has said a prayer or walked down an aisle or been raised in a Christian family. While each of these things can be a part of the Christian experience, they are not what makes a Christian. A Christian is a person who has fully trusted in Jesus Christ as the only Savior and therefore possesses the Holy Spirit ( John 3:16 ; Acts 16:31 ; Ephes

Thoughts From Todd Nettleton

Dear Friends, Our church is used as a local polling facility. As I write this the line of cars waiting to turn into our church parking lot extends down the street and the line of voters waiting to get in the building is over 100 yards long (as it has been since 7:00 this morning)! I've never seen such a turnout at any election since arriving here in 2005. Thankfully the weather is pleasant, people are taking advantage of the privilege to vote, and all has been very calm and civil -- as I pray it remains both here and throughout voting America. The results (as always) are in the hands of our Sovereign Lord, who as the all-knowing God is not waiting (like all of us) to see who the "winners" will be! The God whose eternal and redemptive purposes (contrary to what some fear-mongers on both sides are saying) cannot be thwarted, regardless of which party happens to hold office for the next four years. And in keeping with my policy to preach Chri