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Thoughts From Tim Challies

Dear Friends, Today I want to share a “thought” about one of the most commonly accepted sins. You probably know what it is before I even mention it. You may even have engaged in it. Some engage in it frequently, not even considering it a sin. It’s called gossip. It can come in many forms – a whisper in the ear, a prayer request offered in front of a group, a secret you make someone promise not to share with anyone else (hoping or knowing full well they will!), or to get support or sympathy or revenge in relation to something they said or did to us. We have all likely been guilty of committing this sin at one time or another or in one way or another. In fact, it can be particularly common in churches. As one person once told me while chuckling about some churches he'd attended, “The gossip lines in some churches spread information as fast as cell towers for AT&T and T-Mobile, and have just as wide a coverage.” Yet, as Christians it should not be so. And lest we be unawa