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Thoughts From A.B. Simpson

Dear Friends, This past week as I was preparing my sermon I was reminded of a book I read way back in 1982, called, "The Love Life of the Lord" by A. B. Simpson (1843-1919). Through that book Simpson (who started the "Christian and Missionary Alliance" denomination) helped me learn how to grow in my love for Jesus. Or as John Bunyan (of 'Pilgrim's Progress' fame) would put it, "improve my love to Jesus." Yet, as I went to find that book on my bookshelf, I discovered it was nowhere to be found (like about 100 other books I have loaned to people over the last 35 years and never gotten back). At any rate, I went online, ordered another copy, and with it I also bought a copy of Simpson's 365 Day Devotional entitled, "Days of Heaven on Earth." It's from that devotional that I share today's two short thoughts. The FIRST thought has to do with prayer, why we need prayer, how God blesses prayer

Thoughts From Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dear Friends, Last week I sent out some of the simple yet wise thoughts of D. L. Moody, in honor of his life and ministry, and in the hopes that you might find encouragement through them. This week I send out thoughts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Yesterday we celebrated "Martin Luther King Jr. Day" here in America. Yet, for many, other than King's efforts at working for racial equality in America, and his assasination for doing so, many know very little about him or what guided him. Therefore, I offer you some of his "thoughts" to give you an idea of the beliefs and principles that guided him in his life and work. And as I read some of them, in light of the somewhat polarized state of our country at the present time, I couldn't help but feel it would do us well to hear some of them again. In fact, if you have the time, I'd be interested in hearing which of them you found the most

Thoughts From D.L. Moody

Dear Friends, Today's "thoughts" come to you from the well-known evangelist of the last half of the 1800's -- D. L. Moody or Dwight L. Moody. Most know (I believe) that "Moody Bible Institute" in Chicago was started by him (in 1886). He was also instrumental in starting the YMCA -- Young Men's Christian Association -- which now goes simply by "The Y" and has distanced itself from it's solid evangelical beginnings. A man full of life and enthusiasm, I offer you 15 statements from his sermons or books, covering a number of different topics that allow you to peer into his heart. And though spoken between 1860 and 1899 (when he passed away), I do find it interesting how many are still quite relevant today. I offer them to you as a sample of his wit and wisdom. Enjoy. “Before we pray that God would fill us, I believe we ought to pray for Him to empty us.” “So few grow, because so few stud

Thoughts From Brock Kidd

Dear Friends, Most of us can surely relate to the scene described below. For we've all seen, or been the unexpected recipient of the impatient haste, aggravation, and even anger (road rage?) of drivers in a rush to get somewhere faster than us. On one occasion, though going the speed limit (actually, to be honest, a little bit over it), I looked in my rear view mirror to see a man (less than a car length behind me) angrily giving me a hand gesture! Seconds later he passed me by (double yellow line line and all) and made sure I saw the gesture as he passed. Thankfully I couldn't hear what he was saying! Who knows? Maybe it was an emergency and he needed to get somewhere quick - like the hospital. Yet even if he did, how could I know that? Well, today's selection shares a somewhat similar story - with a little twist at the end. One that made me think, and will hopefully do the same for you. It's by Brock Kidd and comes from the 2018 Daily Guideposts.