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Thoughts From William Barclay

Dear Friends, A while back I purchased a book entitled, “Many Witnesses, One Lord” by William Barclay. In it he speaks of how each apostle has a slightly different emphasis when speaking of salvation and our relationship with Jesus. In today’s thought he compares Paul with Peter. Just as all the Gospel’s reflect a slightly different emphasis on the life of Jesus (especially in John’s Gospel), so also with the epistles. In today’s thought he considers what Peter chooses to focus on. It’s a good reminder of things we must never forget and foundational truths we must never let go of. Enjoy. “For Peter faith is a combination of unshakable loyalty and equally unshakable hope. It is not for Peter, as it was for Paul, a kind of inner union with Jesus Christ; it is rather deathless loyalty responding to deathless love in immortal hope. Salvation for Peter is something which is at the end of the road, rather than it is for Paul a present experience [of course, in reality it i

Thoughts from the "Treasury of Inspiration"

Dear Friends, Today I offer you fifteen short "thoughts" from a book I grabbed off my shelf that was published in 1958. It's entitled, "Treasury of Inspiration" by Herbert V. Prochnow. I do enjoy going through books of quotes to see if I can find any thoughts or ideas that strike a chord with me, and might (I hope) express a truth that could be useful for others to ponder. I offer you 15 below and would be interested in hearing your thoughts regarding any of them. Agree? Disagree? Helpful? Unhelpful? Outdated? Still relevant? If you have a minute, let me know.   "The greatest mistake is to do nothing out of the fear of making one." Anonymous "Only a comparative few recognize opportunity, because it often comes disguised as hard work." Anonymous "Do your duty, that is best; leave unto the Lord the rest."

Thoughts From the Once-A-Day Devotional: Walk With Jesus

Dear Friends, Today I send out a "thought" that is simply an often needed reminder: the truth that serving Jesus is necessary, but stilling ourselves before Him, to learn from Him and adore Him, is better. This selection comes from the, Once-a-Day Devotional: Walk With Jesus. The entry is entitled, "Discovering the One Necessary Thing." Enjoy. Few things are needed, indeed only one.  Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.   Luke 10:42 "How do you show God that you love him? You might answer that question by listing how often you go to church. Or attend Bible Study. Or teach a Sunday School class. Or give an offering. But in the final analysis, your activities for God aren't the best barometer of your adoration. Your attitude toward him is. A. W. Tozer explains that God wants more than just our output: "Some Christians feel it is a mark of spiritualit

Thoughts From T. Austin Sparks

Dear Friends, Sorry for the silence from this end, but I just returned from a wonderful month of doing ministry in Tanzania, Africa -- which I did not want to announce publicly beforehand. After three weeks with no "thought" sent out, I got an email asking if I was ok. Thanks! Your concern (S and L) was appreciated! My wife and I are fine, and I am now back in the office greatly refreshed! Therefore I will pick up where I left off, sending this week's "thought" to you from a man named T. Austin Sparks. It was passed on to me by a friend who found it greatly encouraging, and since it also resonated with me, I thought I would pass it along to you. It is short but wonderful in its transparency, and both convicting and encouraging in its truth. Enjoy. "I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief."   Mark 9:24 "Here is something that you and I must dwell upon. Personally I am constantly brought to this: I have not yet lea