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Thoughts From C.S. Lewis

Dear Friends, My purpose in sending out these weekly "thoughts" has always been to bless you with the writings of people whom you may not have heard of, read, or yet discovered (and for those well-read, some of their materials which you may not have yet discovered)! My goal is to send out things that are helpful and encouraging, or may help you see things from a new perspective. The same is true today. Today I'm offering you some quotes taken from the writings of a man who has been profoundly helpful to me in my Christian walk - C. S. Lewis. I am often chided for only quoting the old dead guys in my sermons, yet, that's because so much of what they say resonates with my soul! Not because it's old, but because it's true, and so often profound. C. S. Lewis is one of those people. Thus I offer you just a little taste of his wisdom. I have never read him without learning something new. I trust the same is true for you. Enjoy.

Thoughts From Martin Copenhaver

Dear Friends, After two weeks away enjoying the beautiful foliage in Northern New England I wanted to catch up and send you another thought which I found very much worth reading! It doesn't take much looking around to see that marriage (the covenant God ordained in creation) has taken a strong hit from many sectors of society. An article put out by Bentley University states: “Millennials are making history by saying no to traditional marriage in record numbers — and they may be radically changing a centuries-old institution. While traditional marriage has been on a downward trajectory for generations, with this group — the oldest now 40 years old — it appears to be in free fall according to a report by the Pew Research Center …” Be that as it is, my spirit couldn’t help but resonate with the words of Martin Copenhaver regarding one of the very positive aspects of marriage found in his devotional entry from, “The Gospel in Miniature.” You can see