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Thoughts From Dr. Mark Hamby

Dear Friends,

Today I am simply sending you a link to a message I listened to yesterday after a friend passed it along to me. She did that because it related to a part of the message I preached this past Sunday from Acts 9:19b-25. It was a message in which I suggested (from the text, and pointing to the example of Saul himself, soon to be the apostle Paul) that we should not try to keep newly converted people from sharing about their faith encounter with Jesus until they have read more, or studied more, or are more “qualified” to speak.

The title of my message was: “Refusing to Wait! Sharing What We Know, With Those We Know, Without Waiting Until We Know it All.” I would earnestly encourage everyone to take the 10 minutes it requires to listen to this recounting of a true story presented honestly, transparently, and with humor, even though it is serious. I dare say you will not be disappointed. It is an episode from Dr. Mark Hamby’s, “Fastened Like Nails” podcast (and despite the title you see when you open it, it is not about Jonah or cows)! It is the true story of an unexpected move of God coming through the most unlikely of people. Another undeniable expression of God’s amazing grace. Enjoy.

Throughout the Bible God uses the smallest, weakest, most imperfect, and unexpected people, to carry out his work. Why? So that we don’t get the wrong impression and somehow think He only uses the wise or smart or well-schooled or those superior in talent and gifting, to carry out His work of grace in people’s hearts. He can use anyone – and even use them from the moment they come to know Him (and even before that as I myself can testify)!

Yours in the Service of a God that is Able to Use Anyone who Comes to Him in Faith, Pastor Jeff


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